Monday, August 18, 2014


Its hard to go after one of your own...

 Fascinating and Suspenseful, September 26, 2013
By Amelia Wallace "Amelia Wallace" (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Treason's Reward (Kindle Edition)
Agent Jack and his co-workers from PED (Paranormal Enforcement Department) embark in a suspenseful journey through the South American jungle. The story is full of drama, suspense, and adventure. There is also paranormal activity as telepathy is involved. The author has some well-developed and strong characters in this book. It's well written and the narrative flows really well. If you enjoy a good read, you will breeze through this book.

Monday, August 11, 2014

10 Percent and More

4.0 out of 5 stars Impressive October 20, 2013
By Manchester TOP 500 REVIEWER
Format:Kindle Edition
A raw and gritty book of love and violence as the relationship between Jan and Ward and the CIA and the tragedies they encounter kept them down. A gut wrenching novel with authentic moments from political motives and the laws that can ruin those who disobey, it gave me the grit and edge similar to Robert Ludlum. Not quite as good, but different with more of a woman's edge. Very good though.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Spy's Past

What happens when your past confronts your future?

In the world she lived in, she had played many roles, breathed many lives, but she had purposely left one life in the dark. Jan’s childhood hadn’t been anything she had ever wanted to remember, so when the secret government agency called, she left her troubled past behind. Jan built a new life with her husband, but after years of running covert ops where lies and deceit were part of the game, something forced Jan to take a look at an all too familiar path. The past would rear its ugly head and Jan would need to make a choice, but she was going to have to decide on what life she would live, and how she was going to live it.

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Want to try a new mystery.. a new author? 
Here's one of many reviews....

5.0 out of 5 stars Really great read June 12, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Annay Dawson has created an exciting character with Agent Jack Golightly. Stuck in the jungle with Wade and having attracted the attention of someone who'd prefer to see them both out of the picture, the two must look outside the box just to stay alive. Wade's wife, Jan, is a serious bad-a herself. The premise of them all being telepaths is pretty cool, and is done in a manner that didn't require me to suspend disbelief as I went along. Jan and Wade's relationship takes on a new depth with their ability to literally get into each other's heads, but that ability is what's enabling Bobby to home in on them. The story is fascinating and impossible to put down, and the writer did a great job with the plot and characters.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Love Lost

Chacter Lovers Will Love This One! April 18, 2013
By R.K.
Format:Kindle Edition
I am a true fan of Dawson's series! Dawson's characters read as real people; Dawson conveys the complex and flawed nature of humanity better than most popular writers. Gone In An Instant explores the mystery behind Jack, a character Dawson fans will recognize from her previous work. The novel opens in the arms of another woman and takes the reader on Jack's journey through suspense and tragic loss. The plot is fast-paced, sensual, and pleasing to read. Give this one a read; you'll be glad you did!

He thought his world was perfect . . .until he met her. 
He thought his world was perfect . . .when he married her. 
He thought his world was perfect . . .until he lost her.

Jack had worked for the CIA for eight years in the area of South America collecting information on drug lords and cartels. He was good at his job and liked being alone. He was following the brothers and the drug money when they had surprisingly taken a quick trip back to the States. What he hadn’t planned on finding on this mission was the love of his life. 

Susan was just a woman sitting at the table when he saw her. Fate had brought them together twice in one week. For him not to notice it, and although he knew he shouldn’t, he did. 

He thought his world was perfect, a dangerous job and he had her by his side. But then one day, she was gone in an instant.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Novel That Looks At Border Issues

Do nothing,
...or risk your life for what is right.

Jan and Ward have been hiding from the government they once worked for. When a friend calls for help, they have to choose between doing nothing or standing in the face of danger once again. In order to bring down a human trafficking ring, Jan gets smuggled in as one of the women they plan to sell. Facing the grueling trek across the border of Mexico to the United States, she then must help discover a way to bring down the entire operation. Ward calls his friend Eddy to help with the operation from the purchasing side; a side not so far from Eddy's past. If they aren't careful, all of them could die, or worse.

“ All in all, a really good book that is worth sitting down to read. ”
Avid Reader| 4 reviewers made a similar statement
“ An absolute page-turner set against the violence of the Mexican-American border, this is exactly what a thriller should be. ”
Suzy Alycia| 1 reviewer made a similar statement
“ Amazing plot, realistic characters and great writing are what define this book. ”
Kerri M.| 2 reviewers made a similar statement